For the creators vocal mixing

Here’s the one problem I have left with Cubasis… For years I’ve been a big promoter of Auria and Autia Pro but, with the recent release of Cubasis 2 I said let me see what this baby can do… It reminds me of when I used to record on Nuendo 3… It’s great!!! The work flow is smooth and fast I actually like mixing my beats/music in Cubasis as I get the results that I want better and faster than I get in Auria Pro… With that said I’m still let down with Vocals… I just really want to make some suggestions because I can see Cubasis being my full time daw but as of right now I’m making some of my music in Cubasis and some in other apps but Cubasis has become the only place I will mix music in… On the other hand I still transfer music to Auria for vocal mixing… Cubasis in my opinion needs a better reverb, subgroups, aux tracks, better eq (10 band at least), the compressor and limiter could be revamped other than that this app is great and it has become the most essential part musically to my work flow… Thanks guys keep up the good work we really appreciate it!!!

Hi Pump,

Thanks for your message and feature suggestions.
We’re happy to hear your satisfied with Cubasis 2 so far.

As with the past, It is our plan to update the app with new features on a regular basis.
Normally new features and updates will be announced once they become available.

In the meantime, it might be helpful to have a look at the wide range of 3rd party effects available as Audio Units.
These can be easily assigned to both audio and MIDI tracks.


One other suggestion… With the suggestion of using audio units I have just purchased a few would it be at all possible, since I just bought 2 eq’s, to remove the studio eq from the inserts. Considering I now have more options it would be nice to not waste an insert I love the channel strip but, I have 2 really nice eqs and the studio eq is not really a nessicity anymore.