For the love of god how do I re install!?

Hi everyone, pretty frustrated here…

I had my Cubase 9 pro instalation mess up on me. NO idea why, working find yesterday and today (nothing changed - empty studio) none of my projects will load, when I start a new one and try to create a midi instrument for example it just hangs.

Import of a simple midi file crashes it

Etc etc

Really not a happy bunny.

So I decide to re-install, cubase licenser the lot. Lets start afresh!

I come to ‘My steinnberg’ account and theres nothing in ‘downloads’. I figure its because I haven’t reinstalled the licenser, so I do that and theres no change.

Now, I bought a hard copy of cubase 6 and then a few years down the line bought a digital copy of cubase 9 pro.

So… AM I left with but one option here? To reinstall from my original discs and then ‘upgrade’ to 9 (which seems ridiculous!) or am I missing something?

Oh and to rub salt into the wound I’m posting under a different account on here because log in said it didnt recognise my password! (which is impossible because its written down and stashed in my original Cubase 6 box) So I hit the ‘recover password’ link after trying a few more times… Email address is not recognised it tells me. (impossible again because its the SAME one I use for the main Steinberg site!)
So I figure ok, screw it i’ll sign up again… Whereby it tells me that the SAME email address is now ‘Already in use’!!! Funny that, i KNEW I had it right! So here I am under a different email address to actually ask a question! Man, my day is not going well! :frowning:

Any help would be greatly appreciated thank you.

Yes, everything is always anyone else´s fault.
If you have no downloads in your Mysteinberg account, the probably because you have not registered the USB eLicenser.

So open the elicenser, let it run the maintenance, then Registration in the menu and “Register all eLicensers…”