For the luv a... Plz change key commands interface!

key commands
the search box
type something…
now hit “enter” to locate the first result of your search.
hit “enter” again to find the SECOND result?
It closes the freakin’ window.
In order to search for the 2nd and 3rd results you need to grab your mouse and click the search icon.
This, to me, is counter intuitive…
…especially for a very intuitive program.

Agree. Always missing the standard mac cmd+g to keep searching in that window.

Well, you also can hit shift-tab then Return. but yes, it would be better with a ctrl-g or F3 keystroke.

just enter.
…like in so many other programs.

I just use the search icon, which does this. But yeah, making enter do the same would be handy. That said, it’s far from the biggest issue in that Window. Eg…

why do I have to click to reveal the Macros each and every time I open it?
why are so many commands missing that are present in the Generic Remote and the GUI?
why are the shortcut keys assigned to Macros lost without warning when you edit the Macro name?
why is there no view that reveals all the commands with shortcuts assigned, and hides the others?
why can’t I increase the height of the Macros section of the window?