For the Operation Manual: Render VST into Audio Track

I knew this had to be possible but the manual gave zero help. How to render a midi track routed to a VST instrument into an audio track so that the audio track can be edited, routed, combined, etc etc.

- YouTube Rendering VST Instruments into Audio Tracks

That video is for Cubase 6x and shows how this has been done up 'til now. In Cubase 8 the video would be Cubase: Music Production Software | Steinberg and is pretty well explained in the manual from page 168 on.

Thanks for the updated video link but it just leads to a promotional page with a bunch of videos, none of which seem relevant? The Op Manual, pp 168 etc, I had read. Not a single mention of VST, so when I read it I was left with the impression that it was only about existing audio tracks, and possibly midi rendered into other midi, that wasn’t clear, but nothing about midi routed to VST.

Another suggestion: when you make a demo video PLEASE OMIT THE TERRIBLE MUSIC. Unless it illustrates something under discussion. Can’t bear to watch those new Steinberg videos or rather can’t bear to listen, and unfortunately the voice part carries info that is needed. Maybe closed captions?

Am I missing something? I want to render a particular midi track that plays a particular set of Kontakt instruments, in Kontakt 5, a thing that Cubase calls a VST instrument, to a known, named, specific audio track. Not to a new audio track with a new and unwanted name and location. The ‘old’ way, as in the video referenced in the first post, seemed to give exactly what I wanted. Using ‘render’ does not. If I decide to change a midi note and render again I get ANOTHER audio track, another unwanted name to change, and another hidden file