For Those Who Do A Lot Of Vocal Sample Work

Hi All,
I’m trying to figure out what samplers the big guys use. I have to recreate a lot of cover stuff and run across a lot of vocal sampling wherein the vocal attacks are machine gunned and glissed chromatically. There’s also the effect where the vocal sample is being played with different notes but is not being re-triggered from the start. Instead the sample continues through it’s duration while it is keyed through different pitches. How is that done? Anybody have a handle on these vocal sample techniques? I usually have to manually create these effects by cutting the sample up in Cubase.
Thanks for your thoughts.


Cubase 5’s VariAudio feature does that. It’s one of the tabs when you’re editing an audio clip. There are VSTs that do this too, Melodyne for example.

Thanks for the hit.

Which feature does this? I have Melodyne but there is no auto feature that will do what I’m looking for. I would have to take the sample and manually cut it and reposition the parts to the notes intended. The newest update has a chord feature where it will assign notes to a major, minor, augmented etc but what I’m looking for is a keyboard type sampler that will let me key in the notes while the sample is playing, causing it to respond to the different pitches I’m playing.
If my explanation doesn’t sound clear, I can upload a small audio sample with this type performance.
Unfortunately, I don’t have variaudio because I don’t have the full version of CB5.

I was actually thinking of Antares Auto-Tune, it turns out. Their EFX version only uses presets, but their more expensive versions give you more pitch control “realtime MIDI control of target pitches.” I thought the Editor and Studio versions of Melodyne might have that feature, too, but after looking at their product comparison I guess it’s a little more vague… “User Definable Scales?” I dunno.

I’ve never used it, but Cubase comes with the pitchcorrect plugin. You can insert that on an audiotrack and send midi info to it to determine the pitch. No idea how that sounds, but it should do what you’re asking for.

I actually found that I needed two applications to accomplish what I wanted. A sampler would repeat the sample by retriggering it but it takes a vocoder to manually change notes through the duration of the sample without retriggering it. I downloaded Steiny’s vocoder for this.
Thanks all for your thoughts on this.