For Vocals Recording

Import plugins before and after the rec.
Import plugins (only) after the rec.



It doesn’t matter, if you put the plug-in to the Audio track. In this case you record the clean signal without the plug-in, so you can change it later on. If you put it to the Input Channel, the signal is recorded with the effect already, and you cannot remove/change it later on.

For the singers, it’s always more comfortable to hear them self with some Reverb. Lots of Audio Devices have DSP unit, so you can use its effects too, to avoid latency in Cubase.

Funny thing, the last 4 singers I have worked with, refused to have any kind of reverb on their headphones.
Guess they are used to rehearse without any FX on the headphones, so it becomes a distraction when they are in a studio situation.

use the monitor track icon in the chan the the snger gets a revrb … i use a send and send pre fader