For who wants to know: Samsung KIES

Do not install the Samsung KIES application (for mobile phones) on your DAW. It does affect codec settings and more. Windows users: only a ‘system recovery’ will get you back to get things working again.

Yeah, that program is brutal!

I installed it on the office machine and and it nearly killed it. Why on earth would you plug your phone into your DAW?

FWIW, I often use my iphone with the “Fire” app as a redundant system when doing “mission critical” field recordings. Works great! In my case… that counts as a reason!



I had no idea such an app existed and I can see the potential of that app especially. I suppose iTunes is installed for that?

Ok, Tom. I have to come clean… technically I don’t have to plug the phone in to get the files-- it’s got a wifi browser interface. But yes, iTunes is the “command central” for the phone in general-- where all of the backups and syncing take place. And I have other apps that USB the various data that way.

Of all of them, “Fire” is the one I like the most. Unfortunately, I think it’s only for iOS-- but I’d be surprised if there weren’t something like it for the Droid, etc.

If the quality turns out to be acceptable I’m actually considering getting an iPad and one of those new Alesis interfaces (or something more solid if somebody starts making something like that before I actually make such a move) and transitioning away from the whole laptop thing for remote narration recording. Smaller and no hard drives is very attractive!