For WL9 -Please- Keep Moving Back To A More Standard UI

If there is even a snowball’s chance in hell, I would very much appreciate it if you would move further and further back towards a more conventional GUI.

I have seriously disliked the direction the GUI moved to in WL7 and it’s kinda disappointing to me that this still persists in 8.5. ALTHOUGH I ACKNOWLEDGE THINGS ARE MUCH BETTER THAN IN WL7.

On the one hand, the newer features are -great- but on the other, it’s still so jarring to me that the program works in such a ‘unique’ way that I can’t really get comfy with it.

I recognise that those who ‘live’ in WL will say ‘suck it up and learn the program!’ but I think that my position is also reasonable: I spend perhaps 1 hr a day in WL unless I’m getting a large project ready (perhaps every 3-4 months) so I never really spend enough time with it to ‘memorise’ it. And I don’t think I should have to. I think the very eccentric UI is a high price to pay. And from what I can see, it’s unnecessary.

Some very specialised softwares -demand- an idosyncratic UI. But I don’t think this is true for WL. Certainly WL was very useful even back in WL4 when it was much more bland looking and far less flexible. You have to have a -very- compelling case in my opinion to go your own way.

I don’t think I’m being finicky. I routinely use Ubuntu and Macs and I find neither of those to be jarring because Windows/Linux/Mac all have pretty much agreed on most of the UI basics.

WL is essential for my work and I’ve loved it since WL3. But nowadays I use it in -spite- of the UI.

With all that said, the 8.5 release is the most valuable new feature set (for me anyways) since WL6 and other than improving the Spectrum Editor (allowing for multiple simultaneous edits) I can’t think of much else I would ever want in future releases.



Yes, it is definitely planned to have major improvements for the UI. But I won’t give any information on that now.

Thanks. You give me hope! And double thanks for not being openly offended. As I wrote, I can see from the 8.5 demo that the UI is already -much- better than WL7. (And the new features are very cool too!) When I loaded the demo I didn’t crack the docs at all. It just works more like I expect without thinking. Gives me hope.

Frankly, I was so disappointed with WL7 I’ve been giving serious thought to move to Izotope (I covet the Spectrum Editing.)

And FWIW: I -get- a lot of the weird things in the UI. Some of the things that drive me nuts -are- useful if one is an expert. It’s just that they’re so different from a ‘normal’ Windows program that I can never get them ‘under my fingers’.

Anyhoo, if you can get this a bit easier -and- make it so one can do multiple Spectrum Edits in one go in WL9 that would pretty much make my decade!