Force beam/no beam?


I am engraving Grieg’s Lyric Piece Op.47 no. 5, and the task is to make an exact copy of the score. I can’t find a way to force there to be no beaming in one voice - see attached - when I have my layout options set to group beams. Is there a hidden force beam/no beam somewhere like there is a force duration? And yes, I tried force duration already.
Any suggestions of how I can make this work now?
(and yes, I know, the Dorico layout looks great! But the job is to create a facsimile…)

(Of course it would be great to be able to assign beaming options per instrument and per voice … one day)

Another question: try as I might with all the options in all the menus, I can’t get the F on the fourth beat in the middle voice to go on the left of the E in the 3rd voice.

Thanks again all!
Original version.png
Dorico version.png

I found the force split beam…

The other question is still unsolved though

Have a look in the property panel in Engrave mode. There’s a property called ‘voice column index’. I think setting the F to 1 and the E to 2 should give you what you want

Rather than using the ‘Voice column offset’ property, in Engrave mode select the E and the F noteheads, right-click and choose Voice > Swap Voice Order.