Force CP10 to import settings from 9.5 again?

Is there a way to force a “first run” of CP10 a second time so that it imports the settings from 9.5 again?

I booted up CP10 and opened a template of mine. All my windows were setup and configured properly. I was working when CP10 crashed (I hadn’t quit CP10 yet since opening the first time).

When I restarted CP10, none of my display or window preferences were saved and now it looks like everything has been visually reset to default. I would really not like to have reconfigure all my windows.

Any way to make CP10 think it is doing a first run again so that it will import my old settings from 9.5?


Save 9.5 profile. Open in 10.

Thanks for the idea, but it didn’t work. However it seems that there are underlying problems. To start with, In CP10 my mixer racks are completely non-functioning. It doesn’t matter what racks I select as visible in the mixer, the topmost visible parameter always stays as the channel link area. Can’t get EQ, routing, etc. to show up. (See pic)
Anyone else having this issue?
There are other problems, but I’ll start there.

I removed CP10 completely and reinstalled.
Problem solved.