Force Divisi Condensing Stem Direction

Hi all,

I have a cello section currently div, where some notes are played in unison, and some are not. I have switched on condensing and the parts are correctly condensed onto a single stave, however, I would like to force Dorico to display the top div part as stems up, and the lower div part as stems down (even when playing in unison).

Would anyone be able to point me in the right direction please? I’ve spent the last hour looking through manuals and Googling, but can’t seem to find anything…

Thanks! Wes

Use a condensing change to specify who plays together and how the voices (and stem direction) are arranged.

Don’t forget to change back when you want Dorico to resume automatic condensing.

Thanks very much Derrek - I see that this is done now in the ‘manual condensing’ section of the Condensing Change dialogue. Hoorah! :slight_smile:


I’ve the opposite problem: I would like that all the condensed notes were joined into chord, where all notes share the same stem. The left one is the desired result, the right one the wrong one:

Condensing options look fine to me:

The same for the Setup/Write > Notation Options > Condensing > Amalgamation option:

What may I have been doing wrongly?



  1. The slur only exists on the top staff.
  2. The dynamics only exist on the bottom staff.
  3. That’s the cellos, not the violas.
  4. The Condensing Change is in the wrong place, or is superceded by another Condensing Change to the left of the screenshot.
  5. The Con sordino only applies to the top staff.
  6. You’ve got manual condensing turned on at a previous Condensing Change, and you haven’t reset it.

If it isn’t any of those, please supply a project rather than pictures, as requested in the guidelines.


Thank you very much Leo, a very useful check list!

In the end, I think it was a missing slur in the second staff. Now it works!