Force downgraded license

I have a new system with Dorico SE installed and activated. Unfortunately, Dorico activates itself as the Pro version when I open it, and gives me an error regarding all the other stuff it can’t find that’s part of Dorico Pro. Yes, I own Dorico Pro, but I have a very small drive on this system, and I don’t want to install all the ancillary files for the Pro product. Is there a way to stop this from happening? I just want to use Dorico as a sketchpad on this system.

What about keeping Ctrl/Cmd pressed when Dorico starts?

Shut down Dorico, launch the Steinberg Activation Manager, deactivate Dorico Pro, activate Dorico SE (if it isn’t already activated) then go into Settings and turn off “Auto Activation”.


The next time you run Dorico it should run as SE, without continually attempting to activate your Pro licence.