Force duration dorico se5

in 4/4 time, i want a bar to start with an eighth rest, then 2 sixteenth notes, then a half note and a quarter rest. when i try to input the half note on beat 2, it is displayed as 2 quarter notes tied together. i haven’t yet figured out how to use force duration to correct this…or maybe i need to do something different. please advise. thanks

@sheshkern ,
after having input the two sixteenth notes, press O before inputting your half note.
“O” is for “lock duration” and it is the letter O (not Zero).
If you have already input your music and want to change the display afterwards, select the tied note, press O then 6 and 7; in other words, hit O, 6, 7, Enter.

hurray thank you so much (it worked)!