Force duration help

Hi all
you can set the FORCE DURATION function to always be on?


Yes, just press the letter “O” key.

I need default set letter O!!!

Oh :thinking:

Not at present, no.

While it certainly can be a valid request to have it on all the time, usually there is a setting in Notation Options that can be changed to get the result you want.

I look forward to it being possible in DORICO👏
Thanks Dorico team

What is the circumstance you’re needing it for? Is there a possibility you could get the result you want with the options available?

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Hi Dan
I need it to keep it on, I didn’t have to set the letter O.
is it possible to ask in the development team?
Many thanks,

Can you explain why you need it on? What are you not able to do?

Hi benwiggy
I describe specific notes where needed
sorry i have a problem with English

What we’re asking is for an example of what you are wanting to display differently. There are many time where it is simply a matter of changing a setting in Notation Options.

Hi Dan,
please try to ask the Dorico team and if it is not possible we will let it be.
thank you very much for your willingness

Well, I don’t have any more influence with the Dorico team than you do! :wink: They read all the posts.

Maybe there’s a bit of a language barrier here. I agree it’s reasonable to ask for Force Duration to be kept on, we’re just asking for an example of what you are trying to do so we can see if there is another way to do it.

Hi Dan,
we’ll let it be,
thanks a lot.

Perhaps you could describe what you are trying to achieve in your own language and then you or one of us can use Google Translate or a similar program to more closely understand what you are facing.

I’ll try too:

What do you like about when Force Duration is switched on? What do you dislike about when it’s switched off?

Dan is suggesting that maybe some of the things you like could be set to happen on their own - without even needing to turn Force Duration on.