Force duration of rest applies separately to score and parts

What is the thinking behind some of the behavior related to forcing rest durations? Perhaps I’m doing something incorrect, but it can be extremely maddening and feels a bit non-sensical at times.

In this example, I have a section within a piece that has a 3/8 measure where I’ve hidden the time signature. I want to show the subdivision of eighth and quarter rests.

I have forced that in my score:

But in all of the parts where this occurs, I see this:

Screenshot 2024-04-09 at 7.41.16 PM

which means now I have to re-implement this on each part in write mode? Is that really the expectation here or is there something I’m completely missing?

EDIT: At the individual part level I guess I can’t actually force the rests durations. No matter what I attempt with forcing the duration, the whole rest remains in place.

When I select the rests in the score and look at the properties, I can see this is a “Global” property. I guess it’s not global? (To be honest, I complete don’t understand the “Local” and “Global” properties. Whenever I look at them and think that maybe I need to toggle one to the other, it never actually changes anything).

Further. that same forces rest duration in my percussion part would not display anything other than a whole rest so I had to remove the rest, add staff text in Bravura that includes the rests and then gently move them into place in engrave mode for both the score and part, which makes the default vertical spacing in the part a mess.

Some aspects of Dorico are incredible feel like a dream, but some other aspect (now on version 5!) feel like somebody is playing a joke on me.

When I set this situation up as a pickup measure by writitng 4/4, 1.5 in the popover, I automatically get what you seem to be aiming for.


And it works in the middle of a piece too. I just hide the initial time signature and put a redundant 4/4 in the following measure.


Thanks, @Derrek. This occurs in the middle of the piece and it didn’t occur to me to try it, but it’s a good solution (except for the percussion part, which still won’t take the force rest duration).

I don’t believe I forced duration at all. The 4/4 time signature naturally divides the rests at the beat unless one has already preferred dotted rests.

(Ouch, I do notice the second iteration has reversed the quarter and eighth rests; so perhaps that is not a solution after all.)

It did work for me exactly as I wanted. I input the meter as “C,1.5”. Thanks again.

Strangely, when I initially did this, the pickup bar in the percussion part showed completely empty — no rest or anything. I had to add some music in the percussion part before that bar and then delete it then and I could see the rests.

I’m glad if it is working for you.

As to why it was different in the first place, I believe that will be due to multi-bar rest consolidation settings, rather than the difference in layout type: ie whole bars that are empty can be treated differently in layouts that don’t consolidate multi-bar rests compared to layouts that do.

I thought it’s because of how Dorico treats percussion kits in general. Sometimes I can force a rest, but sometimes I can’t. It seems like if there is music immediately following the point I want to force the rest duration, then Dorico allows it. Otherwise, it doesn’t seem to allow it.

The way I get around this now is by defining a custom instrument based of the treble staff that looks like this:

That allows me to force the duration, but I also have to put in a note in a 2nd voice and then hide it.

I’d love to know if there’s a more straightforward way to do this.