Force duration problem (dorico 5)

Good morning!
I’m new using force duration. I have been using it fine for some situations for some days, but now I’m stuck with a problem. I’m on 4/4 meter, trying to write a large note that goes tied from the 4th beat of one bar to the end of the next bar, but I need to be writen as a quarter note tied to a half note tied to a half note, because I want to place a crescendo from the second part of bar 2 to the end of the note. I have force notation activated but it keeps correcting my spell and writing quarter note tied to whole note. I attach a video of the situation in this wetransfer link:

Thank you very much in advance!

The easiest way to do this is to:

  • input the quarter note, followed by the two half notes, all untied
  • force their current durations
  • select the quarter note, and press T twice

When tie-ing notes with forced durations, it’s best to start left-to-right because at the precise moment you tie two notes together, the second one ceases to exist: it gets absorbed into the first one, so the settings from the first one are what get used for the new, longer note. If the second note’s duration was forced but the first’s wasn’t, you’ll lose Force Duration.

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There is no need to split the note in order to place the crescendo on the second part of the bar. Just position the caret where you want the crescendo to start and hit <.

Thank you very much Lillie and Janus!

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Yes, you can input anything in the middle of ties by using the caret, but there are also often situations where it’s desirable to split notated durations to match where dynamics start/end to clarify this for players. I was certainly encouraged to do so during my degree.

Permit me to suggest sometimes, rather than often. To my eye it increases clutter for not much added information!

If that’s one of the hairs you want to spend your precious time on this earth splitting, go ahead. I’m not going to join you, personally.