Force duration single voice example

Screen Shot 2020-09-11 at 7.44.59 AM.png
Sorry this is probably simple but I’m not getting it, I want the C to be a half note for a string player to play and let sustain, then continue with the F in the meter. Force Duration would seem to be the trick - select the C, enable Force Duration and change to half note, but it still rearranges the following notes.

This seems to follow the example in the Dorico Help with the difference that this is single voice, which I’m guessing is causing the trouble. Any thoughts on how to do this?

You’ve figured out the problem. You need to put the C in a different voice in order to make it into a half note.


If you want all the notes to stay in the same place as they are now (that is, with the F coming on the second beat) but have the C appear as a half note, yes you’ll need to change the C to a down-stem voice and then make it a half note. Or, you could make the F a chord with a C below it, and tie the C across (to do that, select the F start note input, press Q for chord input then press Ctrl-C - that will input a C below the F; alternatively, select the F, press Shift-I for the add intervals popover, enter “-4” for a fourth below and press Return).

Thanks Lillie, that explains the options. I was incorrectly thinking of it as a single voice with notes that are left to ring, but I suppose the common practice notation is for it to be two voices (or chords) notated explicitly, same as would be done for a WTC multi voice fugue on the keyboard.

Aha actually there is another option - if you do want “let ring” i.e. just leave the string sounding, you don’t want them to stop the note specifically after 2 beats, you could actually leave the notation as it was in your first screenshot (with the C and F both quarter notes) but show a laissez vibrer tie on the C, as this means “let ring”, generally indefinitely.

Dorico is truly amazing …

And you could lengthen the “sound bar” of the C in the Play piano roll to get playback.