Force duration + voices + tie

Is Dorico able to do this?:
tie problem
I’ve faked this with a slur, not a tie. If I try to do it the normal way, the dotted quarter breaks into an eighth tied to a quarter, despite the fact I’ve forced duration to a dotted quarter

It’s working for me.


I added the notes first, then selected the dotted quarter, turned on Force Duration, and pressed T.

Are you sure Force Duration wasn’t turned on for that note previously? I’ve had that happen before.

PS: that slur definitely looks like a slur too, and not a tie.

If this is a notation you’d like to consistently be able to reproduce without Force Duration, take a look at your Notation Options/Note Grouping settings.

Thanks Dan and Fred. Following Dan’s guide, it worked as expected—I think I must have had force duration previously engaged, and I think it’s still something I’m confused about. Will do some manual digging…