Force Durations not indicated in caret

Currently, the status of Force Durations is not indicated in the caret. Other settings like chord mode (little plus) and Lock to Duration (dashed caret) are.

Several times, I have entered a whole passage, then realised I had Force Durations set by mistake. It’s easy to miss the icon in the left panel, when you’re looking at your music.

Can the status of Force Durations be indicated somehow? To me, the current behaviour seems slightly dangerous, because you can’t tell from looking at your music afterwards whether Force Durations was set.

I agree that it would be helpful for the music to somehow show that it was entered with Force Durations set, and I’m sure in time we’ll have a chance to implement some means of doing that.

Not everything that you can set in the toolbox is reflected on the caret – e.g. neither dot, rest, or tie – and I’m loathe to try to come up with too many more subtle ways of adjusting the display of the caret. (Before you ask, we can’t change its colour – or at least, we can’t only change its colour as that is not appropriate from an accessibility point of view.)

For me, the most obvious thing that’s missing a visual cue on the caret is note length. I try to write with all the panels closed so as to have as much screen real estate as possible, but that means I can’t see which note value is selected.

agree with sidebyside, and unlike the graphic implementation problems Daniel mentions, that particular one seem an easy fix- the caret always sports a quarter note regardless of duration selected, why not just adapt that to actual duration?

Really that quarter note is not intended to indicate duration, but rather voice direction, as I’m sure you realise. We could conceivably make it pull double duty, of course, and perhaps in future we will.

I also realize voice direction will be hard to indicate with carets taking on whole note shapes, so that’s your creative challenge for double duty right there :slight_smile: