Force note duration in a bar

Hi! How can I force the duration in this? I want a 4 + 2, instead I have 2+2+2.

I tried SHIFT M and [4]/4 but it doesn’t work. I was wondering what is the most intuitive / fastest way of forcing Note duration in Dorico.

ScreenHunter 64

Well, the easy way : select the A, press o 6 8 dot
I suppose your meter is cutc? I don’t understand why this is the result you’re getting… Or maybe was force duration on and you entered it with half notes?

I transferred this straight from Cubase into Dorico, rather that write it from sktatch

When I enter a dotted whole in cut C, I get a whole note tied to a half. I guess (parts of) the tied note inadvertently got entered with force duration on, or maybe the tied halves are in different voices? If you turn on voice colours, you can check that.

Did you transfer it via xml or via MIDI? If xml, don’t forget to Preferences>XML import untick everything :wink:

It was actually a drag and drop from CUBASE, rather than an import.

We’d need to see the project itself to be able to tell you why the notation looks that way by default. On the face of it, I don’t think there’s any good reason why Dorico should choose to notate the note in that way.