Force Note Durations

Every time I try to enter a Breve, Dorico changes it to a tied pair of semibreves. All the settings in Notation Options> Note Grouping (that I can find) are set to “Notate as a single note”. I’ve got Force Duration clamp on. What am I missing?
Screen Shot 8.png
This is the one dangerous aspect of Dorico that I need to come to terms with: getting it to keep the note values I enter, rather than the ones it wants to write.

Hmm. It seems to be working now; but I have no idea what is different!

That’s very odd, Ben, because you should always be able to input a single note that lasts the duration of the bar, whether you have Force Duration on or off. If I create a 4/2 meter, type 9 for the breve, and then specify a pitch, I always get the breve I expect.

It may be a problem at the chair-keyboard interface. :blush: I’ll keep an eye on it.