Force Note to Different Staff

This doesn’t seem like it should be a problem, but I’m not finding the answer in the manual, so maybe someone could help me out please?

In a piano score, I have the grand staff split at C3. However, once in a while, I get an orphaned note that should be in the left hand, but because it’s higher than C3, it gets placed in the right hand. Is there a way to force the errant note into its proper staff, without changing my split point? Thanks.

You cannot really move notes to upper/lower staff in Split mode. But, you can make notes display in upper or lower staff.
Just right click the notehead and use the “Display in Staff” option.

If this is not what you want, maybe you should consider Polyphonic mode instead, where you will be able to move notes to lower/upper staff by changing their voice: right click on the note, then use “Move To Voice”.
But you will lose the split functionality.

One solution would be the addition of a split point in Polyphonic mode.
But that would be a new feature. :frowning:

Although when you switch an existing part from Split to Polyphonic it does change the MIDI Channel number for the notes below the Split point so they are already moved to the lower staff. So you can use the quick & easy Split so that the bulk of your notes are in the desired staff. Then Switch to Polyphonic and fix the few notes in the wrong staff.

Sure, there are ways to move notes easily, but you assume that he has completed his recording.

What if he wants to continue to record his piano part?
He would then switch back to Split mode and all his adjustments would be gone.

I was more thinking of a consistent functionality in this sense.

Not assuming anything. Just pointing out how the function behaves and how that behavior could be used.

Thanks to both of you for the advice. It just seems odd to me that it’s designed to NOT be easy to tailor to the composer’s needs. The “Display in Staff” command does move the note HEAD, but the stems stay rooted in the original staff, so that’s not really going to work. I think I will have to draw in “fake” notes where I need them. One other solution I came up with was to drop an entire sequence of notes down an octave (pushing them into the lower staff) and then using the “8va” notation to have the performer raise the line back to where it should be. I guess nothing’s perfect.

ETA: So I just went back and played with the staff settings a little. It appears that once you switch out of Split Staff and into Polyphonic, you can actually just place the notes wherever you want (even outside of the split point) and they’ll stay there. It doesn’t look like there’s any need to even reassign the voicings.

And I just pointed out that the solution that you and I proposed was not viable if the user wants to continue to record and thus automatically split notes to upper and lower staff.

Wasn’t that precisely the purpose of your original post?

You will still need to move your errant notes to the proper voice/staff even in polyphonic mode.

Wasn’t that precisely the purpose of your original post?

Yes, my last comment was to show that it looks like my problem has been solved. Thank you again for your help.