Force rests to show in absence of notes?

I’m trying to jerry-rig cues, which is a yet-to-be-activated feature in Dorico. While there are no “small” noteheads that I can find, the triangular notehead works in a pinch.

However, to complete the appearance of it’s being a cue, I’d like to put whole rests into the 2nd voice, or barring that, at least dotted half rests (I’m in 3/4 time.)

Rests don’t normally show in a measure/voice unless there are also some actual notes in that same voice—is there any way to force the rests to show?


You can’t currently create an explicit bar rest (though we hope this will be possible in the next update). What you might be able to do is to put another note in the same voice in the bar following the cue, because if you don’t set the ‘Ends voice’ property, then Dorico will pad a voice with bar rests if it ends in, say, bar 2 and then restarts again in bar 6. You may be able to hide the redundant note by way of making it transparent using the colour property.

Thanks, Daniel—I’ll give it a try.