Force stem direction middle line


I appreciate that we now have the choice to force the stem direction of notes on the middle line. However, when I change it to always point down in engraving options and click apply, nothing seems to happen to the notes I already have in my score. Do I have to do anything more?

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I found that I had to remove forcing before … forcing it!

Hmm, that doesn’t seem to work for me…

What instrument are you writing for, dannemoller? Dorico’s instrument types can also determine the default stem direction on the middle line of the staff, and I believe at the moment e.g. vocal instruments are set to have stems pointing up, and that setting will, I think, override the value in Engraving Options.

Yes, it’s choir. I would still like to be able to have the stems pointing down in vocal staves aswell, but it’s good to know that I’m not doing anything wrong!

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It would be really nice to be able to force the default stem direction to be down on the middle line on vocal instruments. In most printed choral music I’ve used this seems to be the case, that the stem direction on the middle line is context related is much rarer.


You should find that this is already possible, at least for new projects (the voice instrument types in existing projects may still have the setting that stems on the middle line should point up, but that won’t be true in new projects): on the Stems page of Engraving Options, set ‘Stem direction for notes on the middle line of the staff’ to ‘Use default direction’ and set ‘Default stem direction for notes on the middle line of the staff’ to ‘Down’.

Thanks! I only tried it on older projects, must check it out in a new one.