Force stem down not working

I have this clarinet phrase where I have clarinets 1 and 2 as separate instruments. For some reason, when condensing, Dorico flips some of the stems of clarinet 2 up, which makes it look confusing. Even if I force the stem of clarinet 2 down, it still flips it up when condensing. Any help?
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You don’t need to (and in fact shouldn’t) force stem directions on separate staves to achieve a particular condensing result. That’s not what determines stem directions on condensed staves.

Try looking in Library > Notation Options > Condensing for options relating to how Dorico should condense phrases into separate/shared voices.

Thanks. Can’t seem to fix it with Notation Options though: the stem of cl. 2 on the first beat of the second measure always goes up:

Whereas IMO in this context it makes a lot more sense to have two stems here.

Condensing questions are very hard to answer from screenshots alone, as condensing is very context-dependent: in terms of the music, what music comes before/after, your Notation Options, and any condensing changes in effect.

tl;dr if you’d like someone to take a look, please share the project or at least a cut-down version that still demonstrates the issue.

Try this option…?

Hi Janus, thank you. That seems to have resolved the issue for the very first clarinet phrase. Oddly enough, though, it doesn’t work in the same way for the second clarinet phrase that starts a couple of measures later:

Also attaching the Dorico project for reference.
Einst kam der Bock als Bote v5.dorico (1.8 MB)