Force stem not working


I can’t seem to find the same issue as this (in this particular case), so please direct me to a solution if it’s already out there.

I’m attempting to force this bass drum stem down, but nothing will allow me to do it. Besides Shift+F, I’ve selected the menu option of Force Stem Up, Down, Remove Forced Stem, and even selected the down-stem option within the kit for that instrument. Am I missing something here? It works just fine with the remaining two instruments, but just not this one.

At some point, it creates collisions such as this

The key command for flip should just be “F”, without the Shift. But this is also the equivalent of using the Force Stem menu options.

Can you share the project file, or a cut-down version of it?

Foundations.dorico (1.6 MB)

here’s the project file, the bass drum begins in the first bar, that collision is at rehearsal F. Oddly enough, at rehearsal B, this happens automatically, but I can’t seem to make it happen anywhere else…

Also my apologies, I was using the F command, not Shift+F, brain fried!

I’m not sure I can shed much light on “why”, but editing the percussion kit so that the bass drum is in the 1st down-stem voice and the cymbal the 1st up-stem voice, and making sure their order is correct, doesn’t immediately fix the issues; but that re-inputting the bass drum notes does.

Did this originate in Dorico, or did you import some material?

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This was an original project, so yeah I’m unsure what happened. I deleted and re-input the notes and it seems to work fine now, so I appreciate you trying that for me, I didn’t even think of that. Thanks!

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