force ties to 'correct' position

The attachment describes my problem - with two voices in this rehearsal piano part treble clef the tie I put in is forced above the notes, which is not the way you would ever write it on paper I doubt.
Screenshot 2020-11-29 at 10.11.51.png
I want to force the tie underneath the notes. I have bodged it by going into Engrave mode and moving all the little points

But is there an official way of correcting this that I’ve missed?

Select the tie in Engrave mode and hit F to flip below.

For what it’s worth, where two voices share a stave, it is common practice for the upstem voice’s ties and slurs to curve upwards and the downstem voice’s ties and slurs to curve downwards.

You can select it (in Engrave Mode) and press F (for flip). This is a most useful general command and it works with moving objects to the other side of a staff, flipping stems, etc. In your example, if you were in Write Mode and your selected the d’ and pressed F, it would flip the stem.

Leo beat me to the draw. And I second his remark about keeping ties consistent with the voice’s stem direction, at least in most cases.

thanks that’s perfect.

Is there a similar function for this?
It’s SATB reduced on a piano grand staff - I want pause marks top and bottom - but not in the middle…

Tried deleting in Engrave mode but that’s not it
Screenshot 2020-11-29 at 14.41.21.png

Fermatas not on all voices: you can do this on an individual basis or a project-wide basis.

Thanks - that worked perfectly - a combination actually -
choose one fermata per staff as desscribed : that created both pause symbols above the staffs (sops and tenor) so flipping with F on the bass clef put it exactly where I wanted.