Force two flows into one frame/page

I have a layout (single part) with two short flows. The first flow ends in the middle of the page, the second starts on the same page.

The second flow consists of four systems, but unfortunately the last system does not fit into the frame and hence is displayed on a seperate page.

My padding around the flow titles is rather generous, so I could easily push all systems a little closer together to fit the last system onto the same page.

But I am struggeling with doing so. As the music sits in different flows I cannot select all systems of both flows and select “make into frame”.

When I only select all music of the second flow and select “make into frame” all four systems get pushed to the second page.

How do I achieve this?

Instead of putting the two flows into separate frames, have you tried changing the note spacing in your Layout Options from 4 to 3 1/2? That usually works for me.

In the setup mode: Page setup, New flows, Allow on existing page.

In Layout Options > Page Setup, you can adjust Music Frame margins as well as Flow Header Margins.

You might ignore my silly question.

It’s my first major project with multiple layouts, and I still have to remind myself that I can set the layout options individually for each layout.

So simply reducing the distance between staves from 10 to 9 spaces did the trick.