force windows to open on same display

Hi folks,

since i changed settings of my screens (i added one more monitor by hard splitting the signal of the main monitor) the plugin windows open on one screen where they never opened before. The problem is that this monitor is in an other room!
How can i tell cubase to open all windows on the same screen than the main window of the application?

the only way I know of is by moving the plugins to the desired display and then saving the project as they are project related

you may consider trying a software called “force windows visible”

I used it in cubase 5 when transport occasionally (somehow) got moved beyond the field of cubase’s vision and there was no way to bring it back.

basically what this does is puts selected window (of any kind) in central position, hopefully on your main screen. this should save you going to the other room and dragging the windows manually to your main monitor. Once you got these the plugins in the correct position, as mentioned by G-String - save the project, and the plugins should stay (in theory) in that position every time you re-open them.

hope that helps…