forced duration

In this screenshot
Screenshot 2020-08-23 at 09.43.19.png
I would like to be able to change the 1/4 note tied to a 1/2 note to a dotted 1/2 note. Selecting the note means that the whole duration is selected. Is there a way of selecting only the 1/2 note and the 1/4 note so that I can then force the duration of a dotted 1/2 note?

Not exactly, no. Your options are:

  1. Select the note. Hit U to cut the ties. Select the quarter note, type O to turn on Force Duration, then type 7. (seven dot) then left arrow back to the 16th, type O again then hit T.
  2. Retype the note from the caret as O 4 pitch T 7 . pitch

Depending on the time signature, there might be a global (per-flow) note grouping setting that resolves this automatically, in Write>Notation Options>Note Grouping.

Thanks pianoleo. I didn’t know about U to cut ties.

Screenshot 2020-08-24 at 18.25.29.png
Ok I’ve got a similar problem which I can’t seem to resolve with either of the solutions above. In the attachment I want the rhythm notated in the upper bar to be notated like the bar below, but with a tie from the 1/16th note to the dotted 1/2 note. I can get the notation of the lower bar, but as soon as I add the tie, it reverts to the notation of the upper bar.

With the 16th note selected, hit O before you hit T.

It’s probably a good idea in this case to select both notes before tying them and press O for Force Duration (as it’s the second note that’s automatically changing after combining with a tie), and then tie left to right (if my memory serves, tying notes with force duration works correctly if you set up the notes as desired, then tie left-to-right all the way along)

Depending on your time signature, there could well be a note grouping setting in Notation Options (Ctrl/Cmd-Shift-N) that solves this automatically.