Forced durations across barlines

For Renaissance and a lot of Baroque music the cross-barline tie did not exist.
I would love to be able to force durations across the barline.
This is particularly relevant when I am using advisary barlines between the staves.
Future feature?

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You can achieve something like this by inputting those notes in a tuplet (even if the ratio is 1:1) and then using the spans barline property to allow the tuplet to be notated across the barline.

… and here’s an excellent walkthrough of the procedure: Use Dorico’s tuplets-over-barline feature for proper mensural notation - Scoring Notes

Dear Coranglais16,
I apologise for not responding sooner. Using the methodology in the article, a keystroke macro is the way forward otherwise the process would be an onerous one. I use Macro Express Pro and will see what I can do. Ah, back to a world without ties…