Forced Minims still change to tied crotchets?

I’m sure I’m doing something wrong here! but I’ve tried every combination I can think to try get the tied crotchets to appear as minims, in the attachment

I’ve played with every setting on Notation Options/Note Grouping and every way I can think of to write the notes, but the minims always jump to tied crotchets!! Forced them, unforced them. Force them before adding other crotchets etc

Think I’m going mad, convinced I’m missing something really simple…


Welcome to the forum, John. You should use multiple voices so that you can write the half notes in a down-stem voice and the passing quarter notes in the default up-stem voice. See here.

Thank you Daniel for the welcome and reply. sorted now thanks :slight_smile:

I’ve been lurking on the forum for awhile, just got myself in a forced note loop!

I’d tried forcing stems down, so was heading in the right direction :unamused:

Thanks again