"Forced" Notation in Dorico Pro 2.2

As a way to learn the intricasies of Dorio I have picked a part from Bela Bartoks Piano Concerto 2, 2nd movement. I have just started to write the piano part but Dorico seems to have its own opinion when it comes to notate what I put in. Initially I want the result to look the same as the original sheet music I am using but I have a hard time making it so. Although the final result undoubtedly is correct in its way I still want it to look like the original. I have enclosed to screen shots, the first of the original and the second the result in Dorico with the parts in question outlined in red. Any suggestions out there on how to make them more similar?

Did you try Notation Options–Note Groupings? There are several iterations there that address the behavior of dots instead of tie chains, though I don’t know your exact scenario is covered there.

When global options fail you, there’s always Force Duration (O), which allows you to enter the rhythms exactly how you wish them to appear.

Ok. Thanks for your suggestions! I will try it out.

Forced Duration did the trick. Thanks again!