Forced realtime export but no external plug used


I was trying to export a drum track but Cubase force the realtime export:

“External Plug in is used audio mixdown must be done in real time”

The thing is that i don’t have any external plug in activated or even configured.

I re-save the project but the issue remain.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance

My fault…

It appears that Virus TI was on one insert on an empty channel and this was causing the issue.

can you explain what you did to fix this? im using a virus but not the soundcard for that i use Steinberg ur22 thing is when i try to mixdown any other vsts say for instance albino it only allows me to do it in realtime, this is a real chore after a while as i just wanna mix down quick and move on, any help greatly appreciated…
im using Cubase 7.5 virus ti2 and Steinberg ur22


Using ‘Waves Studiorack’ cause this issue too.