Forced stems removed

Apparently, forced stems are removed in print mode in new layouts that have been added in setup mode.
Is this expected behaviour?

Here are two screen dumps from print mode:

Default layout (with forced stems):
Layout added in setup mode (with forced stems removed):

More precisely, the issue with removed forced stems is also reflected in Write and Engrave modes.
Conversely, beaming changes in one layout do not show up in other layouts.
Can anyone explain the reasoning behind this difference in behaviour?

Layout1 with forced stems and changed beaming:
Layout2 with forced stems removed and changed beaming retained:

Boye, changes you make to stem direction affect only the layout in which you make those edits. Almost all properties are independent in each layout, so that you can obtain exactly the graphical result you want in each layout.

Thanks, Daniel.
I use the stem directions to show how the notes in piano scores are distributed between the two hands. In this particular case, I want two layouts that differ only with respect to margin size: one layout for print, another for iPad. Is it somehow possible to achieve this without having to enforce all the stem directions in each separate version?


Daniel may well have a better idea, but I would use separate up/downstem voices for each hand. You can hide any unneeded rests using the starts/ends voice property on the notes in question.

I think Ian’s idea is pretty good, and is possibly the most pain-free way of achieving what you want to achieve at the moment.

We may well introduce a means of copying the properties set in one layout to another layout at some point, as there are definitely times when it would be useful to do so.

Thanks for the suggestion!
In my particular case, I have found it more convenient to stick with just one layout, which afterwards is quickly cropped in my preferred iPad music viewer app.


Or, even easier: Setting the custom scaling factor to 105% in Print Mode before exporting to a PDF-file.

Is there a way to link edits across layouts to prevent having to do them more than once?

No, I refer you to my other reply in this very thread: