forced Win10 Update leads to more problems withC10

Hey there

since the last forced Win10 Update I am having serious problems with Cubase 10.10.
This results in Systemcrashes without any cause (sudden death) and freezing of projects.
I havent changed anything on the system (new Plugins etc.) and I havent had these problems before.

…and Cubase10 of course needs a maintainance Update really fast - I am back to working with 9.5 :exclamation:

I don`t know if there is a crashlog being written in case of sudden death.
Would you please look into this topic?

P.S.: It`s not possible to suppress the WindowsUpdates anymore…and I hate it! :imp:

Thanx and cheers!



Cubase stores the crash dumps to the Documents/Steinberg/Crash Dumps folder. Can you see any there?

Maybe I would recommend to uninstall and reinstall Cubase 10 from the Full installer (as administrator), after the Windows update, which breaks it.

If you are getting a system crash that is a blue screen of death then you are most likely dealing with a driver issue. It should indicate which driver file caused the crash which would be a useful diagnostic. Updating to latest drivers could also help.
If you are getting a application crash, then @Martin_Jirsak has you on the right path (as they quite often do, thank you Martin for all the help you provide).

If you would like more control of Windows 10 updates then Windows 10 Pro is your best option. You can defer updates for quite sometime (and a different rates for new features vs security and patches) so that other people suffer a lot more before you and updates can be performed for those applications and drivers that are impacted. You cannot stop updates completely, unless you disconnect from the internet which is the best option for everyone if you don’t want updates disturbing your system. Personally I consider that a good thing as the world would be overrun by security breaches and viruses if updates remained deferred.