Forcibly remove rest?

Despite my best efforts with ends voice and starts voice, and Edit->Remove Rests, I have a rest that cannot be removed. I suppose pasting a picture here is useless, but nevertheless.

It’s Down Stem Voice 1. I have only a hazy understanding of what Dorico considers the ‘primary voice’ but I don’t think this is the primary voice blocking things.

I guess I’d be happy to submit the score to somebody to look into, with the caveat that it is not for public viewing at this point.

Have I yet again somehow blown myself up with something to do with adding a third stave?

I am unable to produce a minimal working example to demonstrate this.


You seem to have two “red” voices. Presumably one is the second voice on the top staff and the other a (primary?) voice on the middle staff. Could confusion between the two “red” voices as one or the other crosses to a second staff be what is giving problems with what I imagine is a measure rest in the middle staff?

They are very slightly different reds. Now that we have the nice feature to change colours, I am too lazy to do it.

It’s very weird because after some time delay the full bar rests come back on the second system. I am not kidding. Ghost in the Machine.

@Derrek this was a great insight. I made the colours more apparent and was able to track down some detritus caused by my usual problems adding and removing third staves.


Glad it worked out well.