Forcing a tie and horizontal spacing

How do I tie the highlighted notes (second voice in the bass), Dorico automatically makes this a semibreve.
How do I stretch the last three bars so that it fills up the width of the margins.
For reference, this is what I am attempting to recreate:

I think you need to force duration (o) when you input your semi-breves, and that’s it !
You cannot input the tie between () for now, I think, unless you use a text input (shift+x), bravura font and copy paste the right glyph from the smufl site

you don’t have to re-input the notes, just select the notes, hit Force Duration and Tie :slight_smile:

Thanks! And how do I stretch the bars so the system fits the width of the page?

Sorry I should have searched this forum before posting:

Untick the “Only justify final system…” under Note Spacing in Layout Options.


Command Shift L on Mac