forcing a whole note notated as two half notes tied

Hi all,

Is there a way to force Dorico to take what would normally be considered a whole note and making it into two half notes with a tie in between them? I want to do this to make the notation clear of when a crescendo and dynamic is supposed to land in the middle of a long note (i want the crescendo to last until beat 3).


Let’s say you want an F, press 7; press “o” to lock duration; then press f, t and f again.

Depending on the use case you might also find Notation Options > Note Grouping and ‘split at half-bar’ useful if you want this all the time in the project.
To enter a dynamic on a particular beat, but not necessarily under a notehead, press ‘enter / shift + N’ for the caret and use the arrows to get to the beat you want (using the rhythm grid) before pressing Shift + D for the dynamics popover.

awesome. Thanks guys!