Forcing a3 on single staff

Is there a way in Dorico to insert a command (such as a2 or a3, etc.) so Dorico will produce multiple instances of a single inputted note?
Ex. I write one C for trumpet but I want 3 Cs to play at once without having to manually write in separate voices.


In Dorico, for such cases, you don’t need to work with voices as in all other notation software (even if you can), but you can use the revolutionary Condensing feature.

If you need to have three Cs, you probably need three Trumpets. So you create the three players and you can write the same note (or even explode chords between the players) on the three staves simultaneously using Extending the caret to multiple staves
If you activate Condensing, then you see the result immediately. I made a video with the Galley view and the condensed Page view, in Vertical Split View, so you can see the immediate result.
(though it is recommended to activate Condensing only at the end of the note input for the whole piece, because it needs much more calculations, and can slow down a little bit the editing in general):
CleanShot 2024-06-22 at 00.00.23

Or you can assign shortcuts to Duplicate to staff below (or above) and copy your music very fast on the desired staves. Also here you see that Dorico shows immediately the condensed result:

Copying and pasting notes/items

  • To copy notes/items to the staff above, select them and choose Edit > Paste Special > Duplicate to Staff Above.
  • To copy notes/items to the staff below, select them and choose Edit > Paste Special > Duplicate to Staff Below.


You can assign key commands for Duplicate to Staff Above and Duplicate to Staff Below on the Key Commands page in Preferences.

CleanShot 2024-06-22 at 00.01.25

In both ways, and with Condensing active, Dorico will automatically write the needed a 3 :slight_smile:
Using separate players is very advantageous to have immediately the Parts layouts, and also in case you have in some passages different rhythms, dynamics, articulations , etc… between the players. And Condensing is a dream!