Forcing default language when installing Dorico possible?

Hi, I am working on a traditional chinese version of Windows 11. When installing Dorico, it will use simplifed chinese as the installation language and default interface language, also add some shortcuts, shell extensions in simplified chinese. I actually use Dorico purely in English and do hope all the Steinberg applications including Cubase/SDA/SAM…etc. run in English. Is there a way to force them install and run in English? Or I must install English language pack and run windows in English before I install all the stuff? Any insight and tips would be very appreciated!

You can’t tell Dorico in advance that you want it to run in English if your OS is set to another language, but you need only change the setting once in Preferences and Dorico will thereafter run in English.

I don’t think there are options in SDA or SAM to choose what language is used.