Forcing Dorico to add the techniques included in a template


I have playback templates made of multiple endpoint configuration. For example, one for the woodwinds, one for the brass, one for the strings.

Each of them have dedicated techniques. Many of them are shared. When applying a playback template to a document, I expect all these techniques to be added to the document.

Sometimes this doesn’t happen. I re-edit the playback template, delete and add the endpoint configurations again, delete all the custom playing techniques from the document before reapplying the playback template.

But to no avail. The recently created techniques are not added.

Is there a way to force Dorico to import these techniques that don’t want to appear? Creating them again for the document would be an incredibly long task.

I’m perfectly fine in doing manual editing to an XML file.

EDIT: I also tried to import the Dorico document used as the template, where I program my techniques. No way. The techniques contained in that document were not imported.

EDIT2: I exported the score to MXML, and imported it again. Then applied the playback template. Now way, again. I got the same set of outdated techniques.

EDIT3: Create a new, blank document. Applied the playback template. Nothing: still the old, outdated set of techniques. Yet, if I open the original template document, the new techniques are there. And I saved the endpoint configurations. And removed and added them from the playback template.


Hi Paolo,
Are you sure you’ve check the star for every custom technique? I’ve never had problems with them and I use tons of them

You don’t need to save playing techniques that are referenced by endpoint configurations as defaults explicitly in the Playing Techniques dialog. Dorico will collect up the custom playing techniques (and the corresponding playback techniques) referenced in the endpoint configurations and will include them in the exported files.

Daniel, I’m not saving them as defaults, but as part of a specific set that is linked to an endpoint configuration. I create a template project for VSL VI Strings, create all the related playing and playback techniques, save the endpoint configuration, add the endpoint configuration to a playback template.

When selecting that playback template, I expect that all the playing and playback techniques I had while saving those endpoint configurations are recalled and applied to the current project.

I’m not understanding it correctly?

EDIT: By looking inside the “playbacktemplatedeps.doricolib” file related to the endpoint configuration I’m trying to apply to my project, I see that the techniques I want to recall are there. Yet, they are not loaded in the target project.


@dspreadbury Daniel, maybe I can send you my template project and endpoint configuration, to let you see if the problem is only on my system, or will happen elsewhere?


Certainly you can do that, yes, and I’ll take a look when I get a chance.