Forcing flat beams

I’m sorry to harp on this again, but AFAICS it hasn’t been mentioned recently. Would it be possible in the Engraving Options to include a setting for flattening the beam according to the extreme note? We’ve discussed this before in relation to the rules for flattening beams according to the recommendations by Elaine Gould in Behind Bars and Dorico is close but there are still too many situations in which none of Dorico’s settings will produce those results. It’s not just a question of whether or not there are repeated notes or repeated patterns. I included a number of examples when I mentioned this months ago and would be happy to provide others if necessary.

Yes, I remember the previous discussion well. This is on our backlog and we will address it when we can, but I’m afraid we have not had a chance to return to looking at issues relating to beam slants in recent months.