Forcing Rests

So I used edit-remove rests at times to clean up the part, but now I am unable to add the rests that are necessary back in. How can I fix this?

Select/highlight voice and in lower properties panel start voice/end voice settings.

Select the first note after the gap in the voice and deactivate the Starts voice property. Likewise, select the last note before the gap in the voice and deactivate the Ends voice property.

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That isn’t selected. I’ve taken a screenshot so you can see.

The down-stem voice has nothing to do with the gap above (there’s no use selecting it).

What appears in Properties when you select the first snare and/or HH in that bar?

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Reread Daniel’s instructions very carefully.

You need to do something to the last note that IS visible in the part your missing, as well as something after assuming pt. 1 isn’t sufficient to resolve the issue. Selecting a different part of the percussion setup will not solve the issue.

You’re not seeing anything because that percussion voice was told to stop drawing when you removed the rests, which is why you need to go to the last note that does show and deactivate the “ends voice” property.

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No matter what I click on, the start voice and end voice do not appear at all within the three measures (the one before the gap, the one with the gap, and the one after). Hi-hat and snare are in voice 2 and kick is in voice one.

Have you tried adding them back in manually, or perhaps using galley view to address this?

I also suspect this isn’t an issue of the snare drum but perhaps the other part that shares stems with it. (This would make sense if you have rest amalgamation turned on.)

Is there any luck if you select both notes on the stem? Can you upload the chunk of the project that this is in?

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Are you saying that when you try to click on the start voice button (having selected the last note of measure 2)–that the switch snaps back without engaging?

Yes. I am attaching the file in question. I deleted everything except the percussion (just because that’s where the issue is), but I made a rehearsal letter A where the issue is. This did not start as an XML file either.
Percussion Issue.dorico (1.3 MB)

The issue appears to be something to do with the Snare and HH being in Voice 2. Is there a particular reason for this choice?

If you change them both to Voice 1 then the problem is solved. But, there will be some beaming issues eg the last beat of bar 23. There could be other problems but I didn’t look very hard TBH!

EDIT: Is there are particular reason for all of the voice and stem-direction choices? They seem very unique.

Snare and HH are in voice 2 because one of my percussionist friends said it was normal to have Snare and HH the same direction. It’s sounding like there might be bug in the software?

If I select bar 28 and press R, the rests appear in bar 30. I really don’t know what’s going wrong with bar 29 as is but at least I have an answer. And why do you use voice 2? Voice 1 upstem is perfectly fine, I don’t think you should need more than voice 1 upstem and voice 1 downstem (and maybe extra voices that are not padded with rests eventually) in a drum score.

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I thought you might say that.

In this case, you don’t need to have a new voice; you only need to make sure your stem direction is pointing up or not down:

I think you should go through the list of your instruments in this dialog and make sure they are the same voice and the particular stem direction you desire.

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