Forcing scaling factor


I am developing on a Mac with HiDPI display and so I am working on hi resolution images (which are 2x). So I have 2 versions of every image (2x and 1x) like so (from the uidesc file)

<bitmap name="button" path="button.png"/>
<bitmap name="button_2x" path="button_2x.png" scale-factor="2"/>

How do I force, either programmatically or in the editor (editorhost) displaying the low resolution images.

Being on a HiDPI display, frame->getScaleFactor returns 2 and I don’t see a way to change it. I know I can comment out the lines in the uidesc file to use only low res images, but there are a lot of them and would like to switch back and forth.

Thanks for the help

Check the “Open in Low Resolution” option in the Finder Info for the editorhost app.

Thanks this solution indeed works. But is cumbersome and not automateable.

Is there a programatic way to force it? Since everything is automated in my case, everything gets compiled (including editorhost) and started via command line. I would like to be able to detect a flag at runtime and enforce low resolution in code.