Forcing stems up/down when Dorico receives an .xml with 2 players on one staff as a solo

Sorry to be back with another problem.
Full score: the brass section contains multiple parts 1 to 4 for Horns and 1 & 2 each for trumpets and trombones.
When I created the original music in Reaper I wrote all parts for the same instrument on one staff.

Dorico has correctly picked up the notation as written but treats each section as a solo. With the horns I “added an extra stave above” in Dorico and moved the 1 & 3 parts to it. When two players are playing simultaneously it treats the music as a chord and sets the note stems according to its rules.

However, when they’re playing different rhythms or enter at different points, the stem direction can make a nonsense of the part(s). I need to be able to force the stems for each part separately up or down and insert rests in the silent part if necessary.

Try as I might I can’t find a way to do it through the various options.
It may be possible by creating an “add staff above” and moving one part to that then later condensing back to single staff (or two for the horns)… Is this feasible? As it’s just 4 temporary extra staves it isn’t too much work.

(I’d show a pic of what I mean if I could. Can one insert screen shots in forum topics?)
Many thanks if you can help. I want to try to avoid more staves on an already cramped score - 30 staves - (plus possibly extra if I have to do this with string parts that divide).

  1. Turn on View–Voice Colors
  2. I suspect Dorico has made two up-stem voices, or two down-stem voices. You can filter-select all notes in a particular voice, and right-click–Voices–Change Voice to assign them to a downstem voice (or up-stem) as needed.

Or just redefine the voice. Default Stems Up will turn an entire downstem voice into an upstem voice; Default Stems Down will turn an entire upstem voice into a downstem voice. No need to filter-select; just select a single note in that voice.

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Many thanks.
I got there through select/Voices/Change voice/New up stem voice (or down stem). Seems I have masses to learn.