Forever- music by Desert
used a felted piano sample for this one , an open arrangement melodic line and tried to keep it light.
Soft mix.

Hi Peter,
Simply beautiful. Understated but full of light.

Thanks for sharing


Very soothing, Peter. Lovely composition. Would almost wish you would switch to regular piano after the beginning, around 1:20, because it carries all the melodic weight, and it doesn’t cut through enough.

Was wondering too, Peter, was that the Spitfire LABS felt piano? I think I downloaded it but I never tried it.

Thank you for listening. @Early21 yes it is a spitfire felt piano, not the Labs one ( also spitfire and really good for free!) I am using Keycape for the regular acoustic ( love the soft piano en cinematic )
I think i agree on the melody line in the mix. Will spend more time on it again.
Recently acquired a Moog one and am trying to control that beast now. A real challenge and reason to get lost in time… It is blowing away avery onteer synth I own , so a challenge to get a proper mix . Will keep you updated…

Looking forward to what you can do with that monster Moog!

That is hypnotically lovely.

Peter, have you looked at Fracture Sounds (fracture I’m not a pianist but they seem to do some lovely unusual piano instruments.