Forever---The Pearldivers


left the forum a while back to nurse my beloved Popo.
Here now, a visit, a post, just to remember her.
She died one year ago today, 24th April.

The title track of a new album:


Special thanks to Wim Koopman for his contributions to this project.

The album is a free download, and I hope you enjoy it.

Thanks to all my friends here, and best wishes to all.


And a mighty fine tribute it is too.

All the best Jet.

I haven’t logged in here in weeks, maybe months, but I thought I’d stop by today and audition some songs and what do I find? This lovely gem from Pearldivers. I notice the lyric is from a poem originally written in Bengali… would you believe I actually know some Bengali? Long story. Anyway, I like and concur with the overall concept that all of our individual experiences of love will one day, far in the future, merge into one universal experience of it – a decidedly “Eastern” concept that I subscribe to. I hope this represents something of a return for you (although I admit that’s a selfish feeling on my part). So, please don’t be a stranger! Either artistically, or personally :sunglasses:

I’d like to say I am so sorry to your heart, it is absolutely beautiful tribute thanks for sharing.

I’m having some trouble finding words. Let’s just say, very moved. You’ve created such beautiful music in the past, but this one is … Can’t find words. Respect, sorrow, admiration, beauty, …

Hi Jet ,sorry for your loss,a very touching tribute .

Beautiful tribute!

A stunningly beautiful and evocative song, sorry for your loss.
really like the lyrics…


Heartbreakingly lovely. Condolences for your loss.


Good to see you here, Jet. A wonderful return too. I was saddened to hear your news when I first came back a few months ago. I understand your loss and how you have gone about it with your work and generosity is a real tribute to the both of you.

All the best


just listened ,excellent stuff ,a true artist.

Hey my friend,

I’m honored to have been part of this project.
As always I’ve enjoyed it very much to work with you.

I’ve listened to the album quite a few times and I love it!

All the best,