Forgot email & password used to register bought product

Hi !

I dont remember the email i used to register my Cubase 7.
Even if i did, i am not sure if i can remember the password used.

I still have the receip + USB Dongle + Box with CD’s & Retail License.
Do i send pictures of my proofs & my 32 digits retail registration code to a certain department of Steinberg ?

Thank you & have a nice day !

You can find your current email address from the MySteinberg page under your Profile. but as you say, it won’t give you the password used.

Other than that, you’ll have to contact Support I guess for a password reset.

I got a really nice customer support & want to say thank you !

Now, how to figure out the midi-maze of CB7 vs. Motu express XT signals paths …
not out of this bottomless pit yet, but hope to fly high with melodies someday.