Forgot how to set up +/- 3 on midi velocity

Hey there - I lost my preferences and for the life of me I forgot how I set this up (did it some 5 years ago) - Can’t seem to derive from manual. I want to set a couple of keystrokes (QWERTY) for the purpose of having one keystroke give me - 10% (relative) on midi velocity (in midi editor) and also one other giving me + 10%. Can you help - or point me to a good vid tutorial on this. Thanks in advance.

Create a Logical Editor preset to do each task and then assign a Key Command to each one.

Yea - I have created a ton of these presets. My challenge is I cannot figure out how to make THIS one (as described). FYI - ‘note’ is no longer an option for me but ‘MIDI’ is the only thing closest to that. Does that sound right?

isnt it just select ‘note’ then add 10

I’m going to hazard a guess, and say you are trying to use the Project Logical Editor (in the Edit menu), rather than the (MIDI) Logical Editor, which is in the MIDI menu?

That will increase it by an absolute amount and not a percentage like the OP wants. If the starting velocity is 50 they want it to end up at 55 or 10% higher, not 60 or 10 more.

The preset to increase it by 10% should look like:

Type Is Equal Note

Value1 MultiplyBy 1.1000


And of course you’d just change the value to 0.9000 to decrease by 10%.

Or, to decrease…

Value1 Divide By 1.1000
----------------------------------------- (decimals being those pesky little rounded-up things that they are, multiply by 1.1 then multiply the result by 0.9 won’t give you exactly the original value :wink: )

Oh FREAK - I am an idiot!!! Many thanks - you were spot on. I needed to go to ‘MIDI’ Logical editor. Thanks bro!!!